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  1. 此網頁所有貨品價錢以港幣 HKD 計算。

  2. 所有產品價格不包括充氣服務,大部分將以保護膠袋或紙盒盛載,方便運送。

  3. 建議至少1星期前下單,確保貨品能盡時送到。

  4. 付款前請覆查訂單內容 (貨款、數量、金額是否正確),一經付款後,即表示您同意訂單內容。

  5. 在任何情況下,所有已付款確認的訂單均不能提出取消及退款申請。

  6. 所有訂單成功付款後,將於3-5天左右送到香港任何地區(運送時間視乎當時存貨量,我們會以Whatsapp確定及提醒)

  7. 本店會透過本地物流公司發貨, 採用貨到付運費方式。客人收取包裹時,需直接支付運費給運送人員 。

  8. 顧客亦歡迎向我們直接購買氫氣罐。

  9. 一般氫氣球於充氣後,可維持浮動3-5天。

  10. 一般膠質氣球於充氣後,可維持浮動3-8小時。

  11. 氣球乃易破物品,取貨後請小心提取及擺放。收貨時客戶需詳細檢查所購貨品,一經查收,我們恕不接受任何退貨或退換要求。

  12. 顧客於收取貨品時必須檢查貨品是否閣下所訂購之種類、顏色及數量。如發現貨品與訂購之種類、顏色及數量不符,請即時通知本公司安排補回貨品。假如顧客已收取貨品,本公司有權拒絕補回。

  13. 購物滿$1000即可享「全港免運費」優惠。優惠只適用於未充氣的貨品,充氣貨品及氫氣罐需另付速遞公司費用,運費會直接由速遞公司司機收取。

  1. All listed price in this website is in HKD currency.

  2. All products listed cost does not include helium filling services. Products will mostly be packed in protection plastic bags or paper boxes for easier delivery.

  3. We suggest you to place your orders at least 1 week before delivery or pickup date, to ensure products can arrive on time.

  4. Please double check your order details before making online or offline payment (Product style, quantity and cost). Once payment is received, you have agreed with our payment terms.

  5. Once the order is confirmed, we will not accept any request for refund or cancellation of orders.

  6. After payment is confirmed, products will be delivered in about 3-5 days (Depends on stock of products, we will inform and update you on the delivery status through Whatsapp)

  7. We use local couriers for shipment. Shipping fee should be settled by customer directly to the courier service providers upon delivery.

  8. ​Customers are welcome to order and purchase helium cans directly from us.

  9. Foil balloons can fly for 3-5 days once inflated.

  10. Rubber balloons can fly for about 8 hours once inflated.

  11. Balloons are fragile products, please handle carefully after inflated. Customers are encouraged to check the products once received. We will not accept any returns or exchanges after product is confirmed to be received by customers.

  12. Please double check your received products (Style, color, quantity, etc.) before confirmation. BALLOON.65 reserves the right of final decisions.

  13. Free delivery with purchase over $1000. This offer only applicable for products without gas / air inflated. Helium tank and inflated balloons delivery will be charged directly by Local Delivery drivers.

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