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常見問題 FAQ
  1. 如何能令氣球座地而不會飛上天花板?
    How to make the helium-filled balloon not fly to the ceiling?

    Customers can stick the ribbon, on the floor or purchase the balloon weight from us.
    Ribbon: HK$5 each, Balloon weight: HK$20 each


  2. 購買後能替我充氣嗎?
    Can you fill the balloon to me?

    Yes! The cost depends on the size and quantity of balloon. We will charge extra fee if you need to deliver the filled balloon.


  3. 充氣後的氣球可以保持多久?
    How long can the balloon fly?

    Foil balloons (except air-fill) will fly for 3-5 days.Latex will fly for 3-8 hours.


  4. 有佈置服務嗎?
    Will you decorate the room for me?

    HK$500 – HK$800或以上 ,費用並不包括氣球及運費。如需佈置服務請於活動前至少一星期聯絡我們。
    Decoration fee is HK$500 – HK$800 up on top of the balloon price and the delivery charge depends on the venue and date of customers. Please confirm at least one week in advance.

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