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  • 禮物籃連氣球約 : 60cm高 x 40cm闊
    (淨粉紅色禮物盒約: 直徑14cm x 高13cm)


  • 氣球主色為馬卡龍色, 顏色隨機
    Balloons are in Macaron color tone


  • 客人可自行放小禮物 (如飾物,小公仔)於盒內送禮用!


  • 可加購LED燈(連電池):白燈/暖白燈
    Can choose to add LED lighting (Cool white/ Warm White)
  • 最佳觀賞期為第1天,因氣球會隨著時間會霧化(高溫和陽光將加快氧化的速度). 
    It is normal for latex balloons to "oxidize" and get cloudy when exposed to the air especially when it is warm and possibly humid. 

Hot Air Balloon Gift Basket 熱氣球禮物籃

HK$520.00 Regular Price
HK$490.00Sale Price
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